Popular California Cab – J.Lohr 2018 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon


We recently reviewed Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc,

noting that there actually is a Kim Crawford. 

It’s not just a mythical namesake. 


Now, we’re checking out another popular wine

you’ve undoubtedly seen on the supermarket shelf. 

And as it turns out, just like with Kim Crawford,

there really is a J. Lohr.

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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly good-wine-

at-a-good-price-that-you-can-find review,

just in time for the weekend. 


We’ll touch upon the wine in a moment. 

First, let’s talk about the man

whose name is on the label.


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Jerry Lohr grew up on a farm in South Dakota

where he learned to love working the land.

He eventually moved to California and built houses. 

But he wanted to get his hands in the dirt once again.

So nearly 60 years ago, he planted grapes…

by hand… in Monterrey County. 

Now he’s the patriarch of one of the

largest family-operated wineries in the country. 

J.Lohr produces over 1 1/2 million cases a year.  


Cabernet is King  

Cabernet Sauvignon has long been J. Lohr’s calling card. 

Their entry-level Cab, the Seven Oaks from Paso Robles,

is a solid effort at an affordable price point. 

Directly out of the bottle,  this wine was excessively sweet.

But after exposure to air for 1/2 hour plus,

it rounded out nicely, showing plum, blackberry 

and pepper flavors. 

This isn’t one you’ll save for a special occasion.

But team it up with a steak or burger

on a Wednesday night and this Cab

more than fills the bill.  


It’s easy to find 

The 2018 J. Lohr Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

is a grocery store staple…available virtually everywhere…

and, in most cases, at a reasonable price. 


Total Wine has it for $11.99. 

Online, it’s at Martin Wine Cellar for $11.99


at Empire Wine for $12.85  


and at K & L Wine Merchants for $14.95 


It’s on the shelf at Fred Meyer for $15.99. 

Safeway and QFC has it for $16.99

and you’ll find it at Whole Foods for $17.99.