Provencal Rosé at its best – 2020 Château Miraval


Provencal Rosé has long been the gold standard. 


In the past decade or two,  production of Rosé

has ramped up all over the world.

What winery isn’t now making a Rosé?

But the newcomers are playing catch up.

The Rosés from the south of France remain

in a league of their own. 


Experience has something to do with this.

They’ve been making wine in Provence

for over 2,600 years.


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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly review of a good,

affordable wine that’s easy to find,

either at the store, online or both. 


While Rosé is traditionally a warm-weather drink,

this week’s Thursday selection

is such a well made wine,

it’s enjoyable regardless of the season…

or outside temperature.




As we mentioned in this week’s newsletter,

Château Miraval has been the subject of some

unfortunate high-profile quarreling between

Brad Pitt and his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. 

But while one side’s lawyers fire salvos

at the other side’s lawyers,

Rosé production at Miraval chugs along. 

That’s good news. 


The 2020 version of Miraval Rosé

is a worthy representation of Provencal Rosé. 

It’s well-structured and delightfully dry. 

The acidity is dialed in quite well.

With grapefruit and strawberry on the palate, 

it’s simultaneously complex and refreshing.

If you are accustomed to domestic Rosés which

tend toward sweetness rather than subtlety,

Miraval will expand your Rosé horizons.


The 2020 vintage of Château Miraval

is at Total Wine for $19.97. 

You’ll find it at Bev Mo for $19.99. 

The price at Walmart is $20.99. 

Ralphs has it for $24.99. 

It’s on the shelf at Fred Meyer for $25.49. 

Safeway carries it for $25.99. 

You can order it from Empire Wine for $17.95  

or from Wine Library for $17.99