QPR in a box – La Vieille Ferme vin rosé


     QPR…quality price ratio…is an acronym that isn’t exclusive to the wine world. 

     But it pops up frequently in reviews, especially those written by consumers. 

     That’s no surprise.  Wine drinkers are constantly searching for the next best buy. 

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   It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price-that-you-can-find

recommendation,  just in time for your weekend.

   This week’s pick stands out, not only for its high QPR but for its undeniable staying power.




    The 3-liter box of La Vieille Ferme (translation: “the old farm”) rosé

contains the equivalent of four regular bottles. 

    But this boxed wine will stay fresh much longer than its bottled equivalent.

    Why?  The simple answer:  when oxygen interacts with wine,

it immediately starts breaking down the wine’s flavors. 

    Boxed wine is contained in a plastic bag which does a terrific job of keeping oxygen out. 

    On the other hand, oxygen easily permeates the seal on a bottled wine. 

    Hence,  while a bottled wine might last a few days…max… before it turns, 

a boxed wine can stay fresh (in your fridge) for well over three weeks.   

     If the wine tastes terrible to begin with, none of this matters. 

     That’s not the case with La Vieille Ferme’s vin rosé.   

     It’s a straight-forward, easy-drinking rosé,  well suited for warm weather enjoyment. 

     At $26 and less…in some cases much less… for the equivalent of four regular bottles,

the QPR of this rosé is borderline remarkable.   

     We found La Vielle Ferme boxed rosé at Gary’s Wine and Marketplace

and Total Wine for $19.99          



     It’s also at Fred Meyer for $24.99 and at Drizly for $25.99