Riding the wave of celebrity rosé – 2020 Hampton Water


Celebrity wine…in particular celebrity rosé… has exploded.

Check out the lineup.   

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kylie Minogue, Sting,

Post Malone, John Legend, Drew Barrymore and,

when they were still communicating on good terms, 

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie have all

associated their name and fame 

to a version of the pink drink. 


Are more celebrities getting involved in rosé

because the category is growing in popularity? 

Or is the category growing in popularity

because more celebrities are getting involved? 

Hard to say. 

This much we do know:  rosé is hot.

Wine.com says they sell nearly 700 rosés/pink wine products. 

That’s a lot of clutter. 

One way to cut through it all: 

hitch your rosé to a star.


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It’s Wine Thursday!,

our weekly look at a good wine that sells at a reasonable price

and is easy to find…at the store and online. 


This week, we’re checking out one of 

the many celebrity rosés currently on the market.

This version is produced…well, at least endorsed…

by a rock star and a rock star’s son.





Wine Spectator/Rick Wenner


Where it’s from

It’s been four years now since

Jon Bon Jovi and son Jesse Bongiovi

launched Hampton Water rosé…  

but it’s Hampton in name only. 


They aren’t growing grapes

and/or squeezing juice on Long Island. 

This rosé is produced in Provence in southern France.

Specifically, it’s made in Languedoc,

the largest (and most unsung) wine district in all of France.  


What it is 

The copy on Hampton Water’s website

must be mentioned.

“The Hampton Water life is life perfected.  The sun is never too hot,

the water is never too cold and the rosé never runs out.”


Now that’s marketing. 

But is the wine any good? 

It is.   


The Bon Jovi team partnered with veteran winemakers

in Provence who blend Grenache, Cinsault,

Mourvedre and Syrah to create a rosé

that is true to the Provencal style. 

It’s crisp, clean and medium-bodied with

strawberry and citrus flavors while showing 

just the right amount of acidity. 

It’s aged in French oak barrels…

not the norm in rosé production…

which results in a distinct minerality.


Is this wine an aspect of “life perfected”?

Of that, I can not say. 

But I will commit to Hampton Water

being a well-balanced, pleasing pink wine

an authentic representation of Provencal rosé. 


Where to buy it  

The 2020 Hampton Water is at Sam’s Club for $17.48. 

The price at BevMo and Jewell Osco is $17.99. 

It’s at Safeway and Total Wine for $19.99.   

You can order it from JJ Buckley for $19.94  


It’s at the San Francisco Wine Trading Company for $19.94  


Wine.com lists it at $19.99  


It’s the same price at Napa Cabs, $19.99  


and ABC Fine Wines…$19.99