Rockin Red – Breca Garnacha


In our never-ending search for good wine buys,

we often wind up in a familiar spot, Spain.   


For the past decade plus, there’s been a perfect storm…

a perfect wine storm…brewing in España. 


Spain has seen a recent shift in priorities

with an increased focus on quality rather than quantity.

Spanish winemakers have been experimenting

and innovating at an accelerated pace. 

They’re mastering techniques that take advantage of the

warm, dry Iberian climate and maximize the potential

of the country’s many old-vine vineyards. 

The result:  Spain has become a world leader for producing

affordable, reliable and critically-acclaimed wines…

reds in particular. 



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It’s Wine Thursday! 

Every Thursday, we check out a good wine that

sells at a good price and is easy to find at retail or online. 


This week, we’re looking into one of those

resplendent reds from Spain.






Where it’s from

Bodegas Breca is located in the Calatayud wine region in northeastern Spain. 

It’s a land of extreme altitudes, ancient soils and drastic climate swings. 

Days are hot and nights are cold, conditions that help grapes

achieve full ripeness while also building high acidity.   


What it is 

Breca Garnacha (aka Grenache) is a bit of a contradiction. 


At 15.5% alcohol, it’s a beast….concentrated, almost thick in consistency.

But it’s also a beauty, with lively acidity and deep character. 


When first poured, you’ll notice a hint of sweetness. 

But that quickly dissipates, evolving into a pleasing combination

of cherry/raspberry flavors and peppery spice. 


This should be opened and exposed to air

for at least a half hour before enjoying. 

The wait will be worth it.   

It would be difficult to find a more interesting…

and unique…red wine for this price. 

Serve it slightly chilled. 


Note: I sampled the 2017 vintage. 

The ’18 and ’19 vintages, that I did not try, are also on the market.


Where to buy it   

Total Wine has the Breca Garnacha for $13.97. 

Wegmans’ price is $15.99.

It’s at Bevmo for $16.99 and Safeway for $17.99.   

You can order it from Shoppers Wines for $12.95 

PJ Wine has it for $13.97   

The price at Bottle Barn is $14.99 

Same price at Gary’s Wine…$14.99 

B-21 sells it for $15.98 

and it’s also $15.98 at Vine Republic