Russian River Valley Chardonnay – 2021 Raeburn


In the wine world, California is a wonder. 


With its amazingly diverse topography and climate,

California is home to well over one hundred

distinct wine-making areas.   


Napa, of course, is the most famous.   

But the relatively-nearby Russian River Valley

has also become world renowned. 


Heavily influenced by fog and breezes that move inland

from the Pacific Ocean, the Russian River Valley

has long been an ideal location for growing cool-climate grapes

such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. 

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It’s Wine Thursday!   

Every Thursday, we take a look at a good wine

that sells at a reasonable price and is easy to find

at your store and online. 


While Russian River Valley Chardonnay can be quite expensive…

upwards of $200 a bottle…this week’s featured wine delivers

RRV quality at a fraction of that price.





Where it’s from   

The lower Russian River flows northwest of Santa Rosa

on its way to the Pacific Ocean.  Just south of the river

lies the small town of Graton, home of Raeburn Winery

and several other acclaimed Russian River Valley producers.


What it is    

The typical growing-season weather in the

Russian River Valley…warm days and cool nights…

provide optimal conditions for making distinctive Chardonnay. 


Raeburn’s 2021 effort is, by California Chardonnay standards,

on the light side.  There are baked apple and vanilla flavors

with just a slight touch of oak.

This has a hint of sweetness but also shows

enough acid to work toward a crisp, dry finish. 

It’s smooth, well-rounded and for less than $20, 

an all-around impressive, and certainly affordable,

Russian River Valley Chardonnay.   


Where to buy it

Raeburn’s 2021 Chardonnay is at Walmart for $15.98. 

Total Wine’s price is $15.99.  It’s at Fred Meyer for $16.99. 

Safeway, Albertsons and QFC have it for $17.99. 

The price at Target, Vons and BevMo is $18.99. 

You can order it from Wine Library for $14.11 

The price at Vine Republic is $14.18 

Universal Fine Wine has it for $14.98 

and B-21 also has it for $14.98