Safeway’s puzzling wine sale

One of the great minds of our time, Terry Bradshaw, said it best.

“I may be dumb but I’m not stupid.”

As I struggled to figure out Safeway’s current Washington wine sale,

I felt a little bit of both: dumb AND stupid.

First, let’s be clear: we like Safeway.

Most Safeways have good wine sections with many selections in our $15-$30 sweet spot.

And Safeways are conveniently located for many of our wine-drinking followers.

Pat The Wine Guy will continue to keep you current on Safeway recommendations and availability.

But their pricing structure can be a head scratcher.

We were asked to give our opinion on Safeway’s current offer: 30% off all Washington wines now through April 4.

On the surface, it sounds like a good deal. Then we checked the fine print.

It’s 30% off Safeway’s regular price, not their always-lower club price.

We did the math.

30% off their regular price is virtually the same as their everyday club price.

To make it even more perplexing, you have to join the club anyway to get the 30% discount.


My simple advice: if you haven’t already, join the Safeway club. You’ll always pay the lower price and you can leave your calculator at home.

After all of that, my brain hurts. I need a glass of wine.

(FYI, when posting Safeway prices, PTWG will always post the club price.)