Saint Cosme Cotes du Rhone 2015

I love this wine. Apparently, so does everyone else.

Two quick anecdotes:

We posted a review of 2015 Saint Cosme Cotes Du Rhone on Facebook in December.

Within days, it vanished from the Portland-area shelves.

Coincidence? Maybe.

Then recently, we held a focus group session during which we opened six different bottles from 6 different wineries. Within minutes, this wine vanished again.

No coincidence this time. It was the hit of the session.

Everything about this Cotes du Rhone (100% syrah) is appealing. Nice structure. Black cherry flavors. All at a very appealing price. As low as 14 bucks.

Try a bottle. If it works for you, you might want to get more. This could easily age for 2-3 years. It’s in good supply right now but I wouldn’t wait on this one.

As of April 6,  we saw St. Cosme Cotes du Rhone at:


Whole Foods 43rd & Sandy   $15.99

Fred Meyer Hollywood          $13.99

Fred Meyer Hawthorne          $13.99

New Seasons Hollywood       $13.99

QFC Burnside/56th               $13.99


Whole Foods  Pearl               $21.99

New Seasons NW Raleigh     $13.99

Bale’s Thriftway Cornell        $13.99

Fred Meyer Walker Road       $13.99

Fred Meyer Beaverton           $13.99

Zupan’s Burnside                   $15.75


Fred Meyer Tualitin                $13.99

Fred Meyer  SW Barbur            $13.99

Market of Choice SW Terwilliger    $13.99

Zupan’s  SW Macadam               $15.75