Saving for holiday gifts? A red blend is a good value wine and The Expedition is a good red blend

Tis the season to spend on others. 

But don’t take this magnanimity thing too far. 

You owe yourself a good glass of wine…especially during the hectic holidays. 

How do you treat yourself and still have enough $$$ to buy gifts?

The red blend is your friend. 

Generally speaking,

red blends pack more bang for the buck

than any other wine category.

One of the better sub-$15 red blends

is The Expedition Red Blend from Canoe Ridge Vineyard.


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It’s Wine Thursday!

our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price

that-you-can-find recommendation. 


What separates The Expedition

from the dozens of other red blends on the store shelf? 

We blind-tasted The Expedition with two other red blends

and found it to be just a bit smoother…just a bit more balanced. 

It shows the flavors you would expect in a red blend.

Dark fruit comes to mind with a hint of vanilla. 

At less than 15 bucks,

The Expedition allows you to enjoy a decent glass of red

and still have enough $$$ left over so you can play Santa Claus.




Look for The Expedition Red Blend,

not to be confused with The Expedition cabernet sauvignon

or The Expedtion malbec

which also appear in many stores.   


We found The Expedition Red Blend

at Fred Meyer for $13.99

and at QFC and Safeway for $14.99.