Smooth Sauvignon Blanc – 2022 Craggy Range


Welcome to summer and the beginning of

a stretch of sizzling days and balmy evenings. 


It’s interesting that one of the best types of wine for

beating the summer heat thrives in a cool climate. 


The wine is Sauvignon Blanc and one region

where it flourishes is New Zealand…a land where

brisk maritime conditions keep grapes

from over-ripening and thus, losing their intensity. 


The typical New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

is acidic, off-dry, aromatic and refreshing…

the ideal summer quencher.

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It’s Wine Thursday! 


Just in time for the weekend, we check out a good wine

that sells at a reasonable price and is easy to find at the store and online.   


Sauvignon Blanc is produced in France, Australia, the U.S.,

Italy, Argentina, Chile, Spain and South Africa.


But one could argue that nobody does it better than New Zealand.





Where it’s from  

Hawke’s Bay, located on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island,

is known for its beaches and wineries. 

The spectacular Te Muna Peak rises above the bay. 

Situated in the shadow of the peak is the Craggy Range Winery.


What it is   

Just as the peak stands above the winery,

Craggy Range’s version of this popular white

stands above the rest of the mass-market Sauvignon Blancs. 


It’s sophisticated and subtle with green apple, grapefruit

and lime flavors but none of the vegetal, grassy tones

found in other SB versions. 

There’s a healthy dose of minerality complimented by zesty acidity

and a touch of salinity.   

The price point is slightly above that

of most other Sauvignon Blancs you’ll see on the shelf. 

But it’s worth the extra investment.  


Where to buy it   

Total Wine has Craggy Range for $15.97. 

It’s at Costco for $17.99.  The price at Vons is $21.10.

BevMo sells it for $21.99.  You’ll find it at Safeway for $22.21. 

Albertsons has it for $25.49.   The price at Ralphs is $25.70. 

You can order Craggy Range from Woods Wholesale for $17.93 

The price at Empire Wine is $17.95 

Saratoga Wine Exchange has Craggy Range for $18.73 

And the price is $19.90 at The Wine Stop