The other Oregon Pinot – Four Graces 2020 Pinot Blanc


Every May during Oregon Wine Month,

we make the same point.


But it bears repeating. 


There is more…much more…to Oregon wine

than just the  big three: 

Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay.

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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly review of a

good, affordable wine that’s easy to find,

either at the store, online or both.   

As Oregon Wine Month draws to a close,

we wanted to feature a white that gets lost

in the Pinot Noir/Pinot Gris/Chardonnay shuffle.


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Where it’s from

As you drive south from Newberg, Oregon and

head toward Dundee and the heart of the

Willamette Valley wine country, you’ll see it

on your right…The Four Graces Winery. 

Now owned by the sprawling California conglomerate,

Foley Family Wines, The Four Graces is best known

for its widely-distributed Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. 

But for many years, Four Graces has produced

a solid version of a wine that is better known in

France and Germany, Pinot Blanc.  


What it is   

Pinot Blanc has been labeled a chameleon. 

It shares characteristics and attributes of other varietals.   

Depending on the way it’s produced, it’s usually fruity, like Viognier. 

It can be fresh and tangy like Sauvignon Blanc. 

And Pinot Blanc can have the

richness and texture of Chardonnay. 


The 2020 Four Graces version is bright and refreshing. 

You can’t miss the vibrant acidity. 

And while it has concentrated fruit flavors

of apple and pear, it is not obnoxiously sweet. 

This is an ideal party apertif.  It can be enjoyed on its own. 

No food required.

The only downside to this specific wine…it might be difficult to find

at retail.  If so, I suggest you seek out another brand

of Pinot Blanc. 

If you’ve never tried it,  Pinot Blanc is

a varietal worth exploring.


Where to find it

Four Graces Pinot Blanc is at Fred Meyer for $22.99.

You can order it from Redneck Wine Company for $16.97 

It’s available at Wine Chateau for $17.99 

Sidewalk Spirits has it for $17.99  

The Yiannis Wine Shop’s price is $20.99 

It’s at Wine Watch for $21.00 

and MadWine has it for $23.99