Try the “Tri” – Böen 2019 Tri-Appellation Pinot noir

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Yessterday on National Pinot Noir Day,

we took a step back to assess the category’s

current status…the big Pinot picture, if you will.


Our conclusion:  while in some instances,

Pinot Noir remains wildly expensive  

(think Burgundy), this popular wine

is becoming increasingly accessible.

In our world, where we’re always seeking

quality at an affordable price,  

Pinot Noir is trending in the right direction.

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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly good-wine-

at-a-good-price-that-you-can-find review,

just in time for your weekend.   


We’re checking out a California Pinot Noir

that typifies this encouraging trend, i.e.,

quality Pinot at a reasonable price.




Böen’s entry-level Pinot Noir is dubbed

Tri-Appelation since it includes grapes from

California’s three predominant coastal

winegrowing regions, the Russian River Valley,

Santa Lucia Highlands and Santa Maria Valley. 

It all comes together in a focused package. 


This wine is robust, with dense berry flavors up front

and spiced cherry notes on the finish.   

Like many warmer-climate California Pinots,

the Böen is ripe & full-bodied.  At 14.5%,

it’s on the high end of the Pinot Noir alcohol range. 


It’s not shy.  But it is well-balanced and the price is quite right.   


The Böen 2019 Tri-Appelation Pinot Noir is widely distributed.   

Empire Wine has it for $16.95 

Walmart lists it at $17.48.  The price at Total Wine is $17.97. 

Safeway, Fred Meyer and Target carry it for $18.99. 

For a dollar more, $19.99, you can buy it at QFC. 

Same price at, $19.99. 

Ralph’s has it for $22.84

or you can order it from the winery for $24