It’s Two-fer Tuesday – WillaKenzie 2015 Giselle Pinot Noir and WillaKenzie 2015 Pinot Gris

At the start of Oregon Wine Month,  we committed to recommending ONLY Oregon wines during the month of May.

We weren’t sure we’d find enough that fit our requirements, i.e, tastes good, priced right and readily available. But as it turns out, there was nothing to worry about.  As we’ve shopped the Portland-area shelves and conducted multiple tastings, we’ve been pleasantly surprised at the quality and quantity of Oregon wines.

As the month draws to a close, we wanted to squeeze in a couple more.  We zeroed in on a pinot noir and a pinot gris from the same winery.  Struggling to pick one or the other, we simply included both.

Thus, here we go with a WillaKenzie two-fer:

the 2014 Giselle Pinot Noir and the 2015 Estate Pinot Gris.

The vineyards/winery sit on a converted cattle farm in the hills outside the small town of Yamhill.

Nice spread, right?

The Giselle is WillaKenzie’s entry level pinot noir, a blend of grapes from multiple vineyards, some of which you see in this aerial shot.    Classic Oregon pinot noir flavor profile with this one:  cherry and strawberry, medium body and good acidity.   All month long, we’ve mentioned how the 2014 vintage was very, very good to many Oregon wines.  Include the Giselle in that group.   At less than $25, this is an overachieving Oregon pinot noir.

Regarding the estate pinot gris, I’m going to steal a line from a friend.  “If you want to know what Oregon pinot gris tastes like, try this”   which means while there’s a good deal of fruit flavor here, it’s complimented by a healthy hit of minerality.  If you were looking for one word to describe this pinot gris, that one word would be “refreshing”.

Side note:  after being locally-owned for 25 years, WillaKenzie has been bought out by the growing California conglomerate, Jackson Family Wines, which continues to expand its foothold in Oregon.  Jackson also owns Penner-Ash and Gran Moraine.  Jackson says they don’t plan to “change much”.

If that means keeping intact the distinct nature of WillaKenzie pinot noir and pinot gris, that’s good news.

As of May 29, we found WillaKenzie 2015 Estate Pinot Gris at:


Safeway  Rose City           $16.65          Fred Meyer  Hawthorne      $17.99

Safeway  Hawthorne       $16.65           QFC  Burnside & 56th          $17.99

QFC   NE 33rd                  $17.99            Fred Meyer Hollywood        $17.99


Safeway  NW Lovejoy       $16.65           Fred Meyer  Stadium           $17.99

QFC  Miller & Barnes       $17.99            Safeway  Cornell Rd.           $16.65

Fred Meyer  Beaverton     $17.99            Fred Meyer  Walker Rd.        $17.99

Fred Meyer  Raleigh Hills  $17.99           Wizer’s  Burnside                 $14.97


Fred Meyer   SW Barbur      $17.99        Safeway  SW Barbur             $16.65

Fred Meyer  Tualatin             $17.99        Safeway Lake Oswego         $16.65

Wizer’s    SW Macadam         $14.97

As of May 29, we found WillaKenzie 2014 Giselle Pinot Noir at:


Safeway   Rose City               $21.66          Fred Meyer  Hawthorne   $23.49

Safeway  Hawthorne             $21.66         QFC  Burnside & 56th       $22.99

Fred Meyer Hollywood          $23.49


Safeway   NW Lovejoy        $21.66            Fred Meyer   Stadium       $23.49

Wizer’s   Burnside               $19.97           QFC  Barnes & Miller       $22.99

Bale’s Thriftway Cornell     $22.99           Safeway  Cornell Rd.         $21.66

Fred Meyer Walker Rd.       $23.49           Fred Meyer  Beaverton     $23.49

Fred Meyer  Raleigh Hills   $23.49


Fred Meyer  SW Barbur       $23.49         Safeway  SW Barbur          $21.66

Fred Meyer Tualatin             $23.49         Wizer’s  SW Macadam       $19.97