Under $12 red blend – Charles and Charles 2017 Post No. 35


When we say “Under $12 red blend”, we mean it. 

We found this week’s featured wine priced as low as $8.49. 

But it’s not a good deal if it’s a lousy wine.

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It’s Wine Thursday!, our good-wine-at-a-good-price

that-you-can-find recommendation, just in time for the weekend. 

This week, we feature a Washington cabernet-syrah blend

that is named after a former American Legion post.


CC Post No 35 Blend Front Label


Charles Smith, one of the two collaborators of Charles & Charles,

is a winemaker and a conceptual artist. 

He painted his take on the American flag on the wall

of a former American Legion hall in Waitsburg, Washington. 

It became the inspiration for the name of this red blend. 


That’s the story but what about the wine? 

Patience is the key here. 

When first opened, this wine had a strong astringent taste,

i.e., the pucker factor was initially pretty high. 

But 30 minutes after the cork came off, the sharp edge

smoothed out considerably. 

Most bargain red blends are sweet.  This one is not. 

But on the other hand, it’s not bone dry either.  

There’s enough dark-fruit flavor…I got raspberry…to balance the tannins.

It’s a good bottle, especially for the price. 

Just make sure you give it time to breathe.

You can find Charles & Charles 2017 Post No. 35 blend

for as little as $8.49 at Total Wine. 

Target carries it for $9.99. 

We saw it at Fred Meyer for $10.49, QFC for $10.99 and Safeway for $11.10.