Unoaked Oregon Chardonnay – 2020 Stoller Dundee Hills


Chardonnay drinkers generally fall into one of two camps: 

those who like their Chard to be buttery, oaky, and viscous

and those who don’t. 


If you’re an occupant of the latter camp…if you’re partial to the

lighter, steely Chablis/White Burgundy flavor profile…and you have yet

to sample Oregon Chardonnays, there’s no better time

than the present during Oregon Wine Month.


Basic RGB

Every Thursday, we shine a light on a good wine

that sells at a good price and is easy to find,

either at the store, on line or both. 


This week for Wine Thursday!, we’re featuring

a bottle that serves as a worthy introduction

to what Oregon Chardonnay is all about.




Where it’s from  

A converted turkey farm located near Dayton…in the epicenter

of Willamette Valley wine country…Stoller Family Estate

is one of Oregon’s major players.

Stoller has an expansive and varied portfolio,

offering everything from canned wine to $75 Blanc de Blancs. 

Their tasting room is highly recommended.

It’s made USA Today’s “10 Best Tasting Room Reader’s Choice” 

list five times.


What it is

Zesty, crisp and acid forward, Stoller’s 2020 

Dundee Hills Chardonnay is the antithesis of an oak bomb.

If you’re accustomed to butter-dominated Chardonnays,

this one lives on the opposite end of the spectrum. 

Flavors of lemon and green apple punch through.   

Medium-bodied, it has a pleasing dose of minerality. 

This would be an ideal compliment for oysters, crab and grilled chicken. 


Where to buy it   

Fred Meyer has Stoller’s 2020 Chardonnay for $15.99.   

It’s at QFC for $17.99. 

Safeway’s “member” price is $21.74. 

It’s on the shelf at Albertsons for $21.99.   

You can order it from Wine Anthology for $17.79   

Wine Parity’s price is $18.70

Rye Brook Wine & Spirits has it for $19.96 

Madwine in Seattle sells it for $21.99 

and the Wine Chateau’s price is $22.97