Value California Cab – 2020 Juggernaut Cabernet Sauvignon


With its ideal climate, diversity of rich soil types

and varied terrain, Napa Valley is California’s

consummate wine production region. 


It’s also the state’s most expensive area

to grow grapes and make wine. 


Napa producers typically pass their high costs

along to the customer, making many Napa wines,

particularly Cabernet Sauvignon,

an impractical option for the average wine consumer. 


But California Cabernet value buys do exist.

The further you venture away from Napa,

the more likely you are to find them.

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It’s Wine Thursday!   

Time for our weekly look at a good wine

that’s a reasonable buy and is easy to find

in store or online. 


This week’s wine comes from the little-known but highly-prolific

wine producing area known as Clarksburg, California.





Where it’s from 

Juggernaut is a sub-brand of one of California’s largest producers,

Bogle Family Wines.   

Bogle is based in Clarksburg, a mostly flat, fertile grape-growing area

south of Sacramento.  It’s an area known more for its high-yield

rather than high-quality wine styles.  


What it is  

Clarksburg has few slopes.  But the Bogle folks say that

the grapes that are used for Juggernaut grow on “hillsides”

which have rockier soil, hold fewer nutrients and

force the grapes to struggle, resulting in tastier wine. 

Not sure about the grapes’ origin but this much we know: 

the resulting wine is one of the better buys in California Cabernet. 


Juggernaut is dry, medium-to-full bodied and

dialed in to be a crowd pleaser. 

There’s plum and blackberry fruit that marries well with

oak, vanilla and licorice notes.   The finish is decent. 

Despite the aggressive appearance of its label artwork,

Juggernaut’s strength is that it has no rough edges.

Does it have the character and complexity

of the typical Napa Cabernet?

No, but it sells for a fraction of the price.  


Where to buy it  

$19.99 is a popular price for Bogle’s Juggernaut Cabernet Sauvignon. 

You’ll find it at Total Wine, Vons, Target, Frys,

Fred Meyer and Safeway for $19.99. 

Albertsons has it for $21.99.    The price at Ralphs is $22.00   

You can order it from Gary’s Wine and Marketplace for $15.17   

It’s at Woods Wholesale Wine for $15.94 

Empire Wine’s price is $15.95 

Vine Republic sells it for $15.98