Value Chardonnay – Mondavi Private Selection 2021


Here’s some wine history you might not have known.


So ubiquitous now, it wasn’t that long ago when Chardonnay

was quite the opposite…an obscure varietal on the American wine scene. 


Until the 1950’s, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel

and assorted other reds were more popular. 


But California vintners started tinkering with Chardonnay

and eventually came up with a crowd-pleasing approach

that elevated Chardonnay from its jug-wine status. 


It took some time but Chardonnay won out. 


In 1994, Chardonnay became California’s top-selling varietal,

knocking off the previous #1 which was…wait for it…White Zinfandel!


(Note:  I’m not sure that White Zinfandel is truly a varietal. 

But that’s how wine historians referred to it.)


Since then, Chardonnay…and California…haven’t looked back.

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It’s Wine Thursday!

our weekly look at a good wine that sells at a good price

and is easy to find at the store and online. 


Speaking of ubiquitous, this week’s wine is everywhere…which is great.

And it’s a very good buy…which is even better.




Jimmy Hayes – Eden Rift Vineyards/Central Coast AVA


Where it’s from  

The folks at Mondavi say this Chardonnay comes from the Central Coast AVA,

one of California’s largest wine-producing regions. 

From Santa Barbara County to the south all the way up

to the SF Bay Area to the north, the Central Coast

covers a lot of grape-growing ground.  


What it is  

Mondavi’s 2021 Private Selection Chardonnay successfully

delivers more-than-acceptable quality at an affordable price. 

It’s well-balanced, medium-bodied and full of a variety of flavors including

apple, citrus and a touch of butter. 

This could serve as your house wine, your weeknight wine

or as a party aperitif.   

It’s not often that a wine producer will offer “for best results” directions.

But this is the exception.

The Mondavi tasting notes suggest that for best results,

“chill this…white for two to two and half hours.” 

Sounds like a long time in the fridge but I agree. 

Don’t go crazy and freeze it… but do serve this very well chilled.  


Where to buy it 

Total Wine has the 2021 Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay for $8.49.

It’s even cheaper at Ralphs…$7.99.

Vons’ price is $8.88.   It’s at Safeway for $8.99.

Target and Fred Meyer both sell it for $9.99.   

It’s on the shelf at Albertsons for $10.99 and at QFC for $11.99. 

You can order it from Luekens for $7.99  

Empire Wine’s online price is $8.95

Same price at Marketview Liquor…$8.95 

It’s also $8.95 at Shopper’s Wines

And Vine Republic has it for $8.98