Versatile sparkling wine – Josh Prosecco



Versatility is an all-too-uncommon virtue,

particularly regarding wine. 


Wines typically have their place…their niche.

“It works well with seafood.” 

“Pair this with a dish with an acidic red sauce.” 

 “This crisp white will compliment fresh and soft cheeses.”


It’s a challenge to find a wine that is adaptable…

one that works well with a variety of foods

and in different occasions/situations.

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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly look at a good wine

that sells at a reasonable price and is easy to find,

either at your store, online, or both.


This week, we’re checking out a versatile sparkling wine

that comes to us via a circuitous route.



Where it’s from

Where it’s from. That’s tough to pin down.


Josh Cellars is a California-based winery that is known

for the usual California suspects such as Cabernet Sauvignon,

Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc…all good values, BTW.


But the founder of Josh Cellars loves Italian wine. 

So Josh Cellars has partnered with a producer from Veneto,

nearly 10 thousand miles removed from Josh’s home base,

to create Josh Prosecco.   


What it is

Fruity and fizzy, Prosecco has a well-deserved reputation

as being an easy drinker and a consistent value. 

The Josh version of Prosecco follows suit. 


There’s a great balance here of subtle sweetness

and crisp minerality. 

It packs plenty of bubbles, providing

a tangy effervescence that highlights the apple,

honey and melon flavors.   

Versatile?  It’s difficult to find something

that this Prosecco would not pair with. 

From salads to Thai dishes to risotto to a charcuterie board,

this Prosecco compliments a wide variety of fare.   


On top of that, it drinks very well just on its own.


Compared to the many sub-standard sparkling wines

in this price range, the Josh Prosecco stands out

as a quality alternative.  


Where to find it 

The listed price at Walmart for Josh Prosecco is $13.98.

Total Wine sells Josh Prosecco for $13.99   

The price at Safeway is $14.99.  QFC has it for $15.99.

Target carries it for $16.99.  At BevMo and Fred Meyer, it’s $17.99. 

You can order it from Empire Wine for $11.95 

B-21 carries it for $11.99 

It’s at Mission Wine for $14.99     

and San Diego’s Wooden Cork has Josh Prosecco for $19.99