We go low with a Portuguese red – Colossal 2016 Reserva


Going low for us means dipping

below the $10 per bottle price threshold

which we rarely do.


In our long-time search for bargains,

we’ve learned that the $7-$10 range is tricky territory.


There’s no value in a bottle that

doesn’t cost much but is undrinkable. 


We want good wine rather than

a cut-rate white that is essentially

sugary chemicals in a bottle or

a discounted red that tastes

astringent and/or medicinal.

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It’s Wine Thursday, our weekly recommendation

of a good wine that sells for a good price

and is easy to find, either at retail or online. 


This week, we’re checking out a red from

a country known for its terrific wine buys.




Year after year, some of the best wine buys

on the planet come from the two neighboring countries

that occupy the Iberian pennisula, Spain and Portugal. 

Colossal 2016 Riserva is a great example

of the affordable and drinkable red blends from Portugal. 


An intriguing mixture of Touriga Nacional, Syrah,

Tinta Rotiz and Alicante Bouschet, 

Colossal is friendly and full-bodied

with concentrated fruit flavors. 

Some 5-plus years old, this blend is peaking. 

But it does require some patience immediately after opening

so let me offer this tip: 

once you remove the cork,

give this wine at least one hour of exposure to air. 


When first opened, this was severe…a bit funky. 

But two hours later, the rough edge was gone. 

In its place was a pleasing smoothness,

the likes of which you’ll rarely find

in such an affordable wine. 


You should be able to purchase the Colossal Riserva

for less than $10. 

It’s at Costco for $7.99. 

The price at Total Wine is $8.27. 

You can order it from Empire Wine for $8.95  


Marketview Liquor sells it for $9.49  


Bennington Beverage Outlet sells it for an even $9.00  


and the price at Vine Republic is $9.98