Weeknight wine – Joel Gott Columbia Valley red blend

Let’s pose a question that is virtually impossible to answer:

what should you pay for a weeknight red wine? 

Impossible…because there is no single price that works for all.

Scan consumer comments on wine review websites. 

You’ll discover the range for weeknight red is broad. 

It begins at $5 or less and can stretch all the way to $50 and beyond. 

It’s all in the eye, and the pocketbook, of the beholder. 

But if your personal sweet spot is around $15 for your everyday red,

we have a recommendation.

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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price-that-you-can-find

recommendation, just in time for your weekend. 

This Thursday, we’re featuring a red blend produced in Washington

by winemakers who staked their claim in California.




Over two decades ago, Joel and Sarah Gott got their start

producing zinfandel in Napa Valley. 

The zin was a hit, allowing the Gotts to stretch their portfolio and their scope. 

Now the eponymous brand has a portfolio that includes some 15 different wines

from Washington, Oregon and California. 


The Washington red is a blend of grapes sourced from the massive

Columbia Valley AVA, Washington’s largest wine region.

It comes in at 47% cabernet sauvignon, 45% merlot and 7% syrah. 

Dark in the glass, this is substantial stuff. 

Ripe fruit flavors of raspberry and cherry lead the way. 

It’s slightly tannic, dry and well-balanced. 

This would pair well with a steak or a burger.


One note: when we shopped instore and online, we found that no less than

three different vintages are currently available:  ’16, ’17 & ’18.  We tasted the ’17. 

Joel Gott Washington red blend is widely available. 

Total Wine lists it at $12.49. 

Fred Meyer carries it for $14.79. 

It’s at Safeway for $15.39.  QFC has it for $15.99. 

You can order it online from the winery.  They have the ’17 available for $17.