Welcome to summer! 2016 Julia’s Dazzle Rosé of Pinot Gris

All rosés are not created equal.

The 2015 Julia’s Dazzle Rosé of pinot gris drives that point home

in its own unique manner.

We’ve recommended a number of rosés over the past few months.

Along the way,  we’ve heard some common misconceptions about the genre.

For the record, rosé is not made from leftovers…from the residual juice left after the “good stuff” is produced.  Nor is rosé the result of blending red and white grapes together.  Nor is rosé the wine of wimps.   Rick Ross, hip hop notable, is not shy about rapping the virtues of Luc Belaire, a sparkling rosé.

 And make no mistake,  Rick Ross is no wimp.

Rosé happens when dark-skinned grapes are crushed and the grape skins stay in contact with the juice for a short period.  The longer the contact, the darker the pink-ish/salmon color of the final product.   Around the world, dozens of different grapes are used  to produce multiple versions of rosé.

Old World (European) rosés are usually dry, i.e. less sweet.  New World (Oregon/Washington/Cali) rosés usually taste a little sweeter.

Enter Julia’s Dazzle.  It’s a rosé of pinot gris, a grape not commonly used to create a rosé.  As a result, it has a unique taste profile.  It’s New World fruity for sure.  I got strawberry and melon flavors, typical of pinot gris.

And I liked the smooth finish.

If you’ve grown accustomed to the drier, more acidic rosés of southern France,  this might not work.  But if you’re a pinot gris fan, you’ll probably wind up being a Julia’s Dazzle fan too.   At the very least, it’s worth a test drive to experience a different take on rosé.  Tip: don’t freeze it but do serve it cold.

As of June 21, we saw Julia’s Dazzle at:


Safeway  Rose City           $18.88         Costco near PDX               $14.89

Fred Meyer  Hollywood     $20.49         Fred Meyer Hawthorne    $20.49

Safeway  Hawthorne          $18.88        QFC  NE 33rd                    $19.99


Safeway  NW Lovejoy        $18.88        Fred Meyer Stadium  temporarily out

QFC  Barnes & Miller         $19.99       Safeway  Cornell Rd.          $18.88

Fred Meyer  Walker Rd.      $20.49        Fred Meyer  Beaverton       $20.49

Fred Meyer  Raleigh Hills   $20.49


Fred Meyer  SW Barbur       $20.49        Safeway SW Barbur         $18.88

Costco  Tigard                     $14.89         Fred Meyer Tualatin        $20.49

Safeway  Lake Oswego       $18.88