We’re going to (our) Disneyland!

 For Portlandia-types such as us, Disneyland is a very popular spring break destination.

So that’s where we’re going for our spring break.

Our version of Disneyland. The Disneyland for wine drinkers, located just a little north of Anaheim.

We’re going to California wine country.

In years past, we paid our Disneyland dues. Waited in line to park. Waited in line to ride the rides. Waited in line to buy Mickey ears.   Waited in line to catch the shuttle back to the parking lot where we waited in line to leave.

As appealing as all of that sounds, we’re forsaking the Magic Kingdom this year

for a series of winery tours northwest of Napa in the Healdsburg and Geyserville areas.

The schedule: Coppola, Sonoma Cutrer, Ferrari-Carano, Ridge and Silver Oak…wineries that are all

well-represented on Portland-area grocery, wine shop and discounter shelves.

Silver Oak at the grocery? Yes. In the cabernet section of Trader Joe’s, you’ll find $100 bottles of Silver Oak. Nearby, you’ll find $5.99 bottles of something called Velvet Moon.

Silver Oak next to Velvet Moon. Interesting merchandising to say the least.

But hey, it’s working.

At last check, Trader Joe’s was the #2 wine retailer in the country. Only Costco sells more wine in the US.

So we’re off to northern California where we’ll be drinking, and posting, our way through wine country.

Hope you’re spring break is perfect.

And if you’re going to the other Disneyland, two musts:

Fast Pass and the Radiator Springs Racers ride. It’s fantastic.