What goes into making a bottle of wine? Answer: a lot


If you’re interested in all things wine

like me…

 you would have been fascinated

at the recent Oregon Wine Symposium.

 I’ve never seen so much technology,

so many people and felt so much passion

all focused on just one pursuit…

transforming grapes into wine.




Is wine making art or science? 

It’s both 

and at this trade show,

the science aspect was on full display.



Rows and rows of machines, devices and tools

designed to improve the entire wine making process,

growing, harvesting and bottling,

and every step in between.




“The way to make a small fortune

in the wine business

is to start with a large fortune.” 

 While walking the aisles and overhearing the conversations,

I came to a clear conclusion:

Every bottle of wine you and I enjoy

requires a lot of work

and a good deal of capital outlay

i.e. money.





Nonetheless the industry keeps on growing

which translates into more choices, varieties and options 

on the grocery/wine store shelves.



The good news for wine drinkers

coming out of the Oregon Wine Symposium…

 continued improvement in wine-making technology

will inevitably lead to better wine.  

Just as important as the technological innovations

were the people.

The symposium was filled with producers and creators,

artists and scientists alike, 

who share the enthusiasm, optimism and work ethic

  necessary to keep the industry moving forward.

For them, it’s not critical

whether we know what goes into making a bottle of wine. 

They just hope you and I,

the wine drinking public,

continue to enjoy what’s inside.