Willamette Valley Whole Cluster Pinot Noir 2015

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. (Skin a cat? Hey, I don’t make up these old sayings. I just repeat them.) And there’s more than one way to make red wine.

The folks down at Willamette Valley Vineyard south of Salem used the non-traditional “whole cluster” method when they crafted this 2015 pinot noir.   Usually, Oregon pinot is tart and earthy. This one is just the opposite. It’s semi-sweet and fruity, due in part to the whole cluster process. Think strawberry and cherry. If you normally stiff-arm Oregon pinots, I bet you’ll embrace this one. It’s a crowd pleaser.   Chill it…15 minutes in the fridge…before serving.

As of March 23rd, we saw Willamette Valley Whole Cluster Pinot Noir at:


Safeway Rose City          $20.99

Safeway Hawthorne       $20.99

QFC 56th & Burnside      $22.99

Trader Joe’s Hollywood   $18.99

QFC NE 33rd                     $22.99

New Seasons Hollywood   $23.99

Fred Meyer Hollywood      $21.49

Fred Meyer Hawthorne     $21.99


Whole Foods  Pearl           $21.99

Fred Meyer Walker Road   $20.79

Fred Meyer Raleigh Hills   $20.79

Fred Meyer Beaverton       $20.79

Fred Meyer Stadium          $20.79

Trader Joe’s NW Glisan      $18.99

Trader Joe’s Beaverton      $18.99

Costco Beaverton              $15.89

Safeway Cornell Road       $20.99

Safeway SW Jefferson       $20.99

Safeway  NW Lovejoy       $20.99

New Seasons Beaverton   $23.99

Bale’s Thrifway Cornell     $22.99

Zupan’s Burnside               $25.75

QFC  Miller & Barnes        $22.99


Fred Meyer SW Barbur             $21.49

Fred Meyer Tualitin                  $21.49

Costco  Tigard                          $15.89

Trader Joe’s Lake Oswego        $18.99

Safeway Lake Oswego             $20.99