Wine #2 in our 5-wine countdown to the holidays: Coppola 2015 Black Label Claret

My expectations were quite low.

Visiting the Coppola winery in Geyserville, California this spring, I thought the experience would be “touristy”.  While I looked forward to seeing Francis Ford Coppola’s movie memorabilia, I figured the wine would be mediocre at best.  Boy, was I proven wrong.

Nearly everything we tasted on the Coppola winery tour was at least good.  In some cases, it was great. That includes Coppola’s Black Label Claret.

We continue our wine Christmas countdown with one of the best Bordeaux blend values I’ve come across in years.  Coppola’s 2015 Claret is over three-quarters Cabernet.  Petit Verdot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc make up the difference and add a tremendously interesting dimension.  This is well balanced.  The tannins are just right.  Vanilla comes through as the predominant flavor but you’ll also pick up the taste of dark berries.

This California product gives the real Bordeaux blends…those actually from Bordeaux…a serious run for their money.  It’s not neither a weeknight wine nor a holiday dinner wine.  It’s both.

Heads up: there are many Coppola wines on your grocery store shelves.  But this Claret is the only Coppola wine that comes wrapped in gold netting.

As of December 18, we found Coppola 2016 Black Label Claret at:


Costco near the airport          $13.89            Fred Meyer  Hollywood           $14.99

Fred Meyer  Hawthorne         $14.99            Safeway  NE  69th & Sandy     $15.32

Safeway  Hawthorne              $15.32             Whole Foods  NE 43 & Sandy  $17.99

New Seasons  NE 32 & Broadway  $18.99


Costco  Beaverton                  $13.89           Fred Meyer  Stadium             $14.99

Fred Meyer Beaverton           $14.99            Fred Meyer Raleigh Hills       $14.99

Fred Meyer Walker Road        $14.99            Safeway  NW Cornell             $15.32

Bale’s Thriftway  NW Cornell  $17.99            New Seasons Raleigh Hills    $18.99

QFC  Barnes & Miller             $18.99


Costco  Tigard                        $13.89              Fred Meyer SW Barbur       $14.99

Fred Meyer  Tualatin              $14.99              Safeway   SW Barbur           $15.32

Safeway Lake Oswego            $15.32              New Seasons Tualatin          $18.99

New Seasons Mountain Park LO    $18.99