With summer hanging on, here’s a good white for chilling (and chillin’)…2016 WillaKenzie Pinot Gris

Hang in there, summer.  Stay stubborn.  Don’t leave too soon!

Here in Oregon, summer has already overstayed its seasonal welcome.  The calendar says fall but with five 80-plus degree days in a row,  it doesn’t feel like fall at all.

  It does feel like chilled white wine time.

 WillaKenzie’s 2016 Pinot Gris is one to try during summer’s last stand.  With moderate acidity and pleasing fruit flavors (ripe apple & pear), it works either with food or on its own as an aperitif.

I know some like their pinot gris super-cold.  They might be tempted to chill this to the extreme.  But that’s not recommended.  If it’s too cold, you’ll won’t be able to taste the subtle fruit notes, one of the hallmarks of a good pinot gris.


As of September 27, we found 2016 WillaKenzie Pinot Gris at:


Fred Meyer  Hollywood           $17.99     Fred Meyer SE Hawthorne     $17.99

QFC  SE 56th & Burnside        $17.99     Safeway  SE Hawthorne          $18.99


Bale’s Thriftway  Cornell Rd.    $16.99         QFC  Barnes & Miller          $17.99

Fred Meyer  Stadium (Burnside)  $17.99        Fred Meyer Beaverton     $17.99

Fred Meyer  Walker Road            $17.99        Fred Meyer Raleigh Hills  $17.99

Safeway  NW Lovejoy                  $18.99


Fred Meyer  SW Barbur              $17.99       Fred Meyer Tualatin        $17.99

Safeway   SW Barbur                   $18.99       Safeway  Lake Oswego     $18.99

Safeway   West Linn                    $18.99