You have the wine. You have the Halloween candy. We have the pairings!



Admit it.

You’re going to buy more Halloween candy

than you’ll ever hand out to the neighborhood kiddos. 

What to do with the leftovers? 

Pair them with wine.  But not just any wine. 

Certain combinations work well.  Some work extremely well. 

Here are some suggestions.  




Reisling and Mike and Ike 

The typical riesling is sweet and bursts with fruit flavor. 

You can say the same about those chewy Mike and Ike candies. 

Thus, the riesling won’t overpower/overshadow the candy…

and vice versa. 

Another candy to pair with riesling…Nerds




Pinot Noir and Kit Kats  

I’m going to steal a line from Indelicato: 

“Pinot noir’s bold cherry flavor

will make this wafer candy taste like an adult version

of a chocolate-covered cherry”

to which I say, “bingo”. 

Another wafer-based candy

that would also pair with pinot: Whoppers.




Cabernet Sauvignon and Hershey’s 

 The Pat The Wine Guy tasting team tackled

several candy/wine combinations. 

This was the runaway favorite. 

That’s not surprising as cabernet’s mellow vanilla notes

matched with chocolate’s smooth, creamy flavors

has been a classic wine-candy pairing for eons. 

Did you buy 6 bags of Reese’s Cups when you only needed one? 

Try cabernet with Reese’s.  It’s another winner.




Port and dark chocolate  

A rule of thumb when matching wine with chocolate: 

make sure the wine is at least slightly sweeter. 

Port and dark chocolate, thus, is a perfect marriage. 

The sweet, nutty intensity of port holds its own

against the bold tones of dark chocolate. 

Keep this pairing in mind for the upcoming holidays. 

There’s nothing like finishing off a special meal

with a port-dark chocolate combo.




Other pairings to try: 

candy corn and prosecco 

Snickers and syrah

and Dove chocolate and zinfandel. 


 Happy Halloween. 

Enjoy the leftovers!